Love Island

Sophie Monk and Josh Moss predict which couples will last in Season 4 of Love Island Australia

Will your favourite couple last the distance?

By Elizabeth Gracie
Love Island AustraliahostSophie Monk可以添加“物理”她resum吗e alongside her hosting gig, predicting which couples will last the length of the show and which heads will be turned.
With her handy crystal ball in tow, and ex IslanderJosh Mossalongside her for some moral support, Sophie went to work.
The pair start their psychic session by asking the crystal ball if Austen and Layla would ''last the distance''.
''I don't want to be negative, but no,'' Sophie said. ''I think there's going to be a lot more surprises and twists and turns. I can't give too much away.''
Things aren't looking so good for Austen and Layla according to Sophie...Nine Network
Josh and Sophie also expressed their concerns for Andre and Stella, who they feel have very different personalities.
They then had a look at Mitchell and Phoebe and both Josh and Sophie thought they could go the distance.
“我认为他们好。我认为他们going to stay together,'' Sophie predicted.
''He's got a great sense of humour, she's a really cool chick... I feel like she'd go for a surf, have a beer.''
Trouble in paradise?Nine Network
Attention then turned to Jessica and Conor, and Josh admitted the pair made him ''nervous''.
Oh gosh, it doesn't sound great for our islanders!
It's only been two episodes and whilst our couples are not set in stone and still ''feeling the waters'', this brand new season is sure to bring us sauce, sex and a whole lot of drama.
For those hopeless romantics out there, it seems that Sophie is placing her bets on Jessica and Conor, will you?
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